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    Well, definitely your jewellery will never sparkle as much as you do, but at least we can help you keep them looking as fresh and good as new.
    Over time gold, silver and brass can get discoloured and tarnished.
    When oxygen or sulphur come in contact with metals, they chemically bond to its surface and cause them to appear dark and dull.
    Reducing tarnish is easier than you think.
    • Make sure you wear your make-up, perfume and hairspray before you put your jewellery on.
    • Be careful that when wearing your jewellery you don’t expose it to household chemicals, cosmetics, perspiration, rubber, latex, chlorinated water or direct sunlight.
    • Don’t forget to take off your jewellery before you go swimming and sunbathing.
    • Try not to wear your jewellery often, and always keep it in its box or pouch when not wearing.