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    Fabcolony is a UK based startup, founded by two sisters, Idil and Rem, with a dream; to share appreciation for incredibly talented designers who create innovative, inspired, unique jewellery and giving them a great platform to stand out.

    Having completely different styles growing up, we haven’t always understood each others approach to fashion. Idil, who worked as a brand manager to both high street and luxury high end brands for 16 years, and Rem, a creative at heart, who’s relaxed & grungy approach to fashion –erm, how can we say, - was not always well received by her big sister.

    However, we always had something in common. Every time we ran into creative people who expressed their passion through elements of the earth, we got more excited, and our dreams grew bigger. It was always a matter of time for us to be sucked in to the dazzling and magical world of jewellery. With our mother, who is the biggest jewellery enthusiast we know, and the incredible city Istanbul we grew up in, fashion and diversity was always a stones throw away.

    We would like to think that everyone who visits our website will also appreciate the diversity and the identity of our fabulous brands. Everything you see is handmade, and we expend great energy lovingly handpicking every item.

    We most definitely feel fabulous that we got to create a platform where we share with you a passion of ours and the designers we collaborate with.

    In the name of Jewellery,
    Idil and Rem