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    Hey fabulous people! Today’s blog post is a little different than our last one. This week I found myself thinking a lot about how my friends have changed me and how important it is to have them in my life. So I thought; why not write about just that.

    Most of us have been there… Found ourselves in a new environment and been introduced to new people. Some of them we clicked with instantly, and some we didn’t utter 1 word to. At the end of the day, everyone we know used to be someone we just met. Our life long partners, best friends, colleagues…

    So what makes some people different than others? I don’t have a sure answer to that in which we can all agree on. All I can offer is one girls opinion. So here it goes.

    I believe that we resonate with some people more than we do with others. Wow, I know, I’m such a genius, right?… Some people we resonate with, and feel instantly connected to, with others it takes some more time… Whereas some we don’t ever get to a point where we feel relaxed no matter how much we try.

    What do I mean by resonate? I mean having the ability to be ourselves around people. Being able to relax and letting our thoughts flow free. With good company, we don’t feel tense and calculated. And believe me, as an awkward person who grew up standing out from the crowd for all the wrong reasons – but right as I learnt a lot from them – I know what its like to feel socially awkward. Majority of us go through that time where we are trying to find our own place in society. Friends are a big BIG part of that. And being in good company effects you more than you think.

    The kind of friendships, and the kind of people we are around effect the kind of person we turn out to be. And in return, the kind of person we turn out to be, effects the kind of people we resonate with and choose to be around. All of it is interlinked threads in a pretty loop.

    Being with good people – which is relative to everyone – will change you. Being yourself around people is a gift that no-one else can give to you. I know how hard it can be to come across people who resonate with and who understands you. But I also know how they can change your life when they are finally in it.

    It is exhausting trying to be something you are not just because you are trying to fit in with a crowd. But we all have to be brave from time to time. Believe me, it is all worth it when you find those who will become a part of your heart, and being with their existence.

    Try to be careful letting people in your life. I’m not saying that you should not trust anyone. But trust with caution. Trust with care. And when you trust, trust for sure. Trust with love and with all of you. Sometimes even getting hurt teaches you things that you might not have learnt until it was too late.

    Being wise whilst choosing your friendships will make your life that much more enjoyable. As they say "No road is long with good company"! 

    Hope this resonates with most of you, and makes you appreciate your friends who offer you the best!

    See you next week!



    Love them or hate them, when done with style and grace, a few can deny the style-appeal stacking jewellery can have. We collect here today to discuss the basics of stacking and layering bracelets, and how you can decorate your wrists with an effortlessly put together, chic chaos that will most definitely attract a few fashion savvy gazes.

    First, I think it’s important to accept that not every bracelet can be layered with others. For instance, statement pieces or bracelets with big and bold features almost always deserve to shine on their own, and will most definitely attract more attention that way, rather than being drowned in a sea of other bracelets that just kill the buzz.

    Now that we have that out of the way, we can move forward and let you in on our stacking secrets.


    We should all know that using the right jewellery with the right outfit is like having best friend that wants you to always shine for your best qualities. So always pay attention to what you are wearing before you can start stacking. Having basic black, silver and gold coloured pieces that you can stack with is always handy as they mostly go with many outfits, so its best to invest in these first. Once you get the basics down in your jewellery box, move on to mixing things up a little bit more.


    Think about stacking jewellery like being in a room with a lot of people. It would surely get too much after a while if they were all LOUD. So, the more you try to keep each piece basic, the more you will achieve the look of someone who knows how to stack – when it comes to bracelets that is. But simplicity doesn’t mean boring! Make sure to have one or two shining stars on your arm that keeps the party going, may the things get a little too flat.


    Having different colours, textures and thicknesses is very important to keep things exciting in your new-found love of stacking bracelets. Now just because we advise you to add colour, don’t go stacking a bright turquoise, red and a bunch of other colours that don’t get along well in there. Stick to colours that compliment your outfit, and stick to colours that go with each other, even if they are opposing colours.

    You can –and should – also mix up textures by using cord, metal and leather bracelets in a combo. This is one of our favourite ways to stack here in Fabcolony.

    Varying thickness per piece can also add a more dynamic look to your styled wrist. Make sure there aren’t a lot of thick pieces in there though, you wouldn’t want your stack to look overcrowded and complicated now, would you?

    Now that you have a few examples at hand, we would love to see your layering skills! Create your best stack and tag us on Instagram with the hashtag #fabtograb to get a chance at winning our July prize draw!

    May the most fabulous stack win!

    Welcome to Fabcolony

    Welcome to Fabcolony


    We are Idil and Rem, the founders of Fabcolony. We would like to welcome you to our fabulous website!

    We are so proud that we finally made Fabcolony a reality, and excited that we are sharing with you what we have been working on for what seems like ages.

    Now, let us tell you what we are all about. Fabcolony is a UK based start-up that provides a great platform for innovative, and inspired jewellery designers who are new to the global market.

    We always felt that everyone should be able to own something individual and special without having to spend a fortune. So we have a simple mission; to give online shoppers a single destination where they can find designer jewellery for under £300.

    Fabcolony collects brands from all over the globe under one, fabulous roof. Whether it is extending the reach of an already well-recognised local jewellery brand to new markets, or recognising new brands emerging from all around the globe, Fabcolony always collaborates with brands who share their values through unique designs and brand identity.

    As well as designer brands, we also carry a self-titled collection with precious metals, Sterling Silver and gold, to make your day-to day jewellery choices simple, as well as fabulous. All Fabcolony brands are handcrafted, and features mainly precious metals. We carefully pick every item that goes on our website, and try to make sure that they are all items that will bring something new to your jewellery game.

    Fashion should be fun, so we suggest you have fun with it as much as you can! Be you, and stay fabulous!